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A paver, stone or brick patio fully restored and maintained...Absolutely Beautiful!

Do you have an patio or walkway you would love to spend time in again? Remember how amazing it looked years ago when you  was first installed? Has your walkway become overgrown, unlevel and in need of repair? Are you looking for a custom designed outdoor living space?

Have us evaluate your existing hardscape and offer a custom design or repair solution that will fit your needs! Whether your patio needs to be power washed, re-sanded and waterproofed or you desire an entirely new design, our patio contractors can restore the area so you can enjoy this unique addition to your home once again. We go above and beyond restoring your patio by enhancing your entire hardscape. Custom lighting designs, water features and outdoor kitchens are just the beginning!

The best results are achieved by hiring pros with years of experience. We use proven techniques to thoroughly clean every surface on your home. Our area of specialization is killing and removing algae, mold and stubborn mildew on the exterior of your home.


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Remember that painting job you just haven't been able to get around too?  Just think of all the things you'd rather be doing with your bright and sunny days.  When it comes to ensuring the job is done while saving time, money and all the aggravation... Butler Delivers!

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